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Sheila Wall

Sheila founded her own Spiritual Centre "Mentor" in Dunedin New Zealand in 1994, which is non-religious and non-organisational. The name has since changed to Touch Your Heart Ltd.

During these 21 years Sheila has taught many people reaching into the thousands, through the Personal Growth course that she designed after her own journey of self discovery and awareness.

Sheila and Todd have been together since meeting each other in 1956. They have a grown up family and moved to New Zealand in 1971. They have travelled the world extensively, both with the British Army and privately.

Sheila's spiritual journey branched into different religions and philosophies. Deciding to break away from the structure and control of religion Sheila then forged her own path which led her to personal freedom.

Sheila guides people to discover who they truly are, she quite clearly states that “Her way” is neither right nor wrong, it is what she has discovered and experienced for herself. It has changed her life and many others who have, and are participating in the personal growth course.

Sheila has a personal relationship with Spirit which is radiated to all who come into contact with her. She shares unceasingly with all her students, and everyone she touches. Students soon experience a welcoming, comforting and caring ambience when greeted by her.

Sheila is very sensitive to others needs which allows her to help people in a very positive way.

She has the gifts of clairvoyance, clairaudience and clairsentience which she uses to guide people to help them, to be able to make positive changes and choices within their life.

She is also a channel-trance medium which enables people to make direct contact with the world of Spirit. These gifts were revealed to Sheila 42 years ago and since then these gifts have continued to develop.

Sheila loves gardening and spends every spare moment tending to it. This is her main venue for relaxation and contemplation.

Todd Wall

Todd, affectionately called Guru by all his students, has a wonderful sense of humour which helps people to laugh at life and themselves, rather than becoming a slave to life.

He has had a varied and interesting life as a printer, soldier, prison officer, communications officer in broadcasting, potter and jeweller.

After completing 12 years as a soldier Todd had a Spiritual experience 46 years ago that changed his life, causing him to study different philosophies, meditation techniques and religions until he finally found that the Zen way attracted him the most.

Zen is not a religion in itself although it was first introduced through Buddhism. It is a way of bringing the physical, mental and spiritual in harmony with each other.

Todd is a Zen practitioner but not a Buddhist practitioner, preferring nature as his teacher, where the heart gives to the head and not the other way around.

He and his family moved to New Zealand in 1971 where he has taught meditation to groups for many years. He also shows how to use Zen principles and techniques and apply them to life.

He takes Spiritual Retreats in the Hollyford Valley in the Fiordland area of New Zealand's South Island, which consists of mostly Forests, Mountains, Rivers and Lakes. Todd bases himself in Gunn's Camp and teaches from there, showing people how to apply nature to their lives, giving them a totally different way of seeing and living those lives.

Todd helps Sheila with her work by taking groups when necessary. Although both Sheila and Todd practice in different ways they both respect and work in harmony with each other and there is no conflict in those differences. They enhance each others ways rather than detract from them. The intuitive sense that Todd has developed allows him to reach to the core of problems which can become blockages to a student’s unfolding spirituality.

Tramping or hiking is Todd’s main interest. It was through his love of nature and Zen that he found a way of reducing thoughts to their simplest form and applying the technique to life. He has liberated many people from their complex, self imposed prisons by showing them how to use this technique themselves. He hopes to continue for many years yet.

Both Sheila and Todd love nature and animals, some of which gravitate into their home (without encouragement) to enjoy a luxurious lifestyle. Whoever coined the phrase "there was no free lunch" should visit them sometime.

(Written with the help of Pat & Murray)
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Sheila and Todd Wall

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