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Clairvoyant, Clairvoyant Readings, Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings, Clairvoyant Readings by phone or email, clairaudient, clairsentient, clairsentient medium

Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings

How can the Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings help you?

Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings

There are times in everyone's life when situations arise in which we seek clarity and understanding. Spiritual Clairvoyant Readings are one way of receiving Guidance and Direction to enable us to see more clearly the options that are presented to us.

This helps us to cope with the situation and move forward in a more positive way.

How Sheila can help you

Sheila has been clairvoyant all of her life and an active clairvoyant medium for 42 years and is a practicing International Clairvoyant/Medium. She has been involved in both Television and Radio productions and travels the world conducting workshops, seminars, demonstrations and personal readings/sittings. She is able to see beyond the physical dimension which is where the term clairvoyant comes from. It means "Clear Sighted". Sheila is also able to hear voices of people who are in the world of Spirit and this is called clairaudient. She is also a clairsentient medium which means she is able to connect with people in the Spirit World without seeing them. This is a purer form of communication that enables her to become a kind of conduit through which those in the Realm of Spirit may give inspirational information and writings.

Another aspect of Sheila's abilities is that she allows her physical self to be used as a vehicle for communication between the two Worlds in the form of Trance or Channel Mediumship. Internationally, she has had great success in bringing Guides through to communicate directly with people. Sometimes these Guides speak in the language of the person with whom they are communicating. Sheila herself speaks no language other than English. This very unique form of communication has often led to people finding their own Spiritual direction in life. When this direction is followed it usually leads to liberation and freedom from the shackles that have been binding people all their lives to misery and hopelessness.

Sheila has her own Spiritual Teacher, whose name is Obion, in the realm of Spirit. He conducts his own workshop on "How to live Spiritually in this Physical World" and gives short public talks on whatever he feels is needed at that time. He delights in communicating with people and is available for either a personal, one to one consultation or by telephone.


Sheila has very strong ethical principles regarding Confidentiality and will NEVER divulge any information whatsoever about any of her clients. Sheila does not make decisions for you but presents you with opportunities and options. The decision is then yours as to which direction you may wish to take.

Readings will be confined to adults unless there are extenuating circumstances. Sheila reserves the right at all times to decline a reading should the request of a potential client be diametrically opposed to her ethics.

Fees Worldwide

All fees are paid prior to commencement of a Reading either by Visa, Master Card, Bank Draft or Bank Check. We reserve the right to change the fees without notice at any time.

To order your Gift Voucher either e-mail or phone: +64 3 481 1105.

Gift Vouchers 
Gift Vouchers are available for 30 minutes or One Hour. To order your Gift Voucher either e-Mail us or phone +64 3 481 1105
Clairvoyant Readings by;- 

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The following Fees for Readings include the price of the phone call
Phone NZ$70 for up to 1 hour (Clairvoyant Readings may be recorded onto CD by request (postage not included)
  NZ$50 for up to 30 minutes Clairvoyant Readings may be recorded onto CD by request (postage not included)
Channeled Reading/Consultation with Obion, Sheila's Spirit Guide.
This is available either by Phone or with Sheila personally:
  NZ$80 for up to 1 hour Clairvoyant Readings may be recorded onto CD by request (postage not included)
Appointments are essential for all Readings 
Personal Guide Readings 
One-on-One Reading NZ$55 per person for up to 30 minutes (Please note: The cost of a phone call is included in the fee for the Reading.)
Help Family and Friends with a Clairvoyant Reading Gift Voucher 

A card with a voucher will either be mailed to you or the nominated recipient.

The price is determined by the type and duration of the Reading you select, please note that we are happy to include a personal message, and packaging and postage is extra.

For example: A Gift Voucher for a 30 minute Phone Reading within New Zealand is only NZ$50 including taped recording and postage.
Clairvoyant Readings

Contact us by or use the quick & easy Booking Form.

Seminars, Workshops, Public Lectures and Personal Appearances

Sheila has conducted many Seminars, Workshops and Public Lectures throughout the World on both Psychic and Spiritual Awareness. Sheila has worked on a regular monthly basis in conjunction with the London College of Spirituality. She is available to work worldwide and arrangements can be made to host Sheila by contacting her through .

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Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings

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