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Life Guide

Spiritual Life Guide

How can a personal Life Guide help you?

A personal Life Guide is just that, personal. To have your own special Life Guide is to have someone who is there just for you, someone who will be honest with you and guide you through life. A Life Guide is a companion who walks with you during those times in your life when you need an independent, detached viewpoint on the issues that currently affect you.

Your Life Guide will listen to you and give you an unclouded picture and explain the choices and options that are available to you as well as helping you to make positive changes to bring about harmony and peace within yourself.

How long can I have my Life Guide ?

There is no set period of time you are required to have a Life Guide in your life. You may regard your Life Guide as your companion and trusted counsellor that you can go to for periodic sessions to help with your life issues. You may discuss this with your assigned Life Guide, as the needs of each individual are different. The maximum duration for a personal phone consultation is for a period of up to one hour. You may also connect with your Life Guide through e-mail.

What training does my Life Guide have ?

We use all the experience and knowledge learnt during our own lives that we pass on to others in order for them to understand and overcome those same difficulties in their own lives.

Life Guide Consultation Fees (phone or eMail)

Personal Life Guide

All fees include the cost of the phone call and may be paid prior to consultation either by Visa, Master Card, Bank Draft or Bank Check. We reserve the right to change the fees without notice at any time.

Within New Zealand
First Time NZ$70 for up to 1 hour
Subsequent NZ$40 for up to 1 hour
Within Australia
First Time AU$75 for up to 1 hour
Subsequent AU$50 for up to 1 hour

Please note, The cost of landline only phone call is included in the fee.

Contact us by for enquiries or arrange a Consultation Booking today !.

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Life Guide, Personal Life Guide, Spiritual Life Guide

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