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Meditation Course

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What is the benefit of meditation? Meditation on a regular basis will help bring about a more relaxed state of mind and body. For many people, trying to cope with the stress and strain of everyday life can be stressful in itself.

This may create more problems, for example having trouble sleeping, which over a period of time would begin to create even more problems. There are of course many people who wish to meditate to help them to be more in tune with their Spirituality.

Whatever your reason is for seeking a form of meditation to help you, it will come down to self, whether it be Physical or Spiritual.

Many lay people have this concept that to sit and meditate is to completely empty the mind of all thought which upon trying they find extremely difficult because to think of nothing is to think of something.

There are various stages of meditation before you can reach the state of complete stillness and silence in mind and body. Patience is required.

You are welcome to listen to a sample of my meditation CD

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Touch Your Heart offers you a six weeks meditation programme to help you to start the process of eliminating stress. The six weeks course includes a guided meditation CD, set to gentle music, which may be played at any time during or after the course. meditation techniques

Each week you will be given guided instruction together with specific meditations to help still the mind.

For those seeking a deeper Spiritual awareness through meditation another module would be required, the details of which are available upon request.

You may also find that having a personal Life Guide may help you focus and simplify your understanding of life.


(1) Meditation Course

Our Meditation facilitator, John Mills, takes you on a Spiritual journey to discover, in your own unique way and time, the insight, bliss and ultimately the enlightenment you may possibly achieve through the practice of Meditation.

Please contact John for further information on: or phone: (03) 489 3677

(2) Meditation CD

The Meditation CD with beautiful, ambient, background music by Jeff Clarkson with a selection of six instructional and inspirational talk-through meditations.

The CD is available for NZ$19.95 + Packaging and Postage

Please use the secure form for quick and easy purchase of our Meditation CD.

(3) Personal Growth Course

The Personal Growth Course will help you to change the negative aspects which have contributed to the stress levels in your life by replacing them with a positive outlook and a purpose in life. It has been proven to work with the thousands of students who have participated on this course.

There are five different courses on Personal Growth. Each course is conducted in ten week modules.

We place no pressure on you to complete all five courses. You may choose to complete one ten week module and then if you wish, this may be followed up with the second module at a later date, and so on, until all five are completed. Fee for Ten Week Personal Growth Module: NZ$300

For further information please visit our Personal Growth page.

Please use the enrolment form for quick and easy registration in our Personal Growth Course.

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