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Sheila has been channelling Obion since 1996. He first connected with Sheila during a meditation session that Sheila was attending with friends each morning; they had the foresight to record that first channel.

Over the years Sheila and Obion have developed a strong friendship and the channelling has become almost second nature to Sheila. She no longer has to go into a deep trance to make that connection, she simply steps out of her mind and Obion takes over.

Sheila has no knowledge of what Obion is talking about during the times that he is teaching either at his own seminars or with people who come to consult with him on a one on one basis.

Obion on Life Guidance and Spiritual Personal Growth and Clairvoyant Readings

Obion conducts his own workshop/seminars which may be from one hour to a full day, he teaches his version of metaphysics and instructs people how to make changes in their lives that will be of benefit to them. Obion's enthusiasm washes over people bringing with it a joyous atmosphere.

Obion has a great sense of humour and people warm to his personality very quickly. He speaks regularly in Dunedin, New Zealand and Australia. Sheila has also travelled with Obion throughout Canada, the UK and Denmark where he was well received.

You may listen to Obion on the free podcasts from our website.

The comments expressed to Sheila regarding Obion all run on the same line ;-

These are only a small sample of the many remarks made from people who have attended sessions with Obion.

  • "I feel my life has been transformed in one day"
    George, Christchurch, New Zealand.
  • "I loved listening to Obion, he was so real for me. My fear of death has gone"
    Margaret, Epping, UK.
  • "He is gorgeous; I want to take him home"
    Edie, Calgary, Canada.
  • "He makes you feel special and acknowledges that your problems are real to you then helps you look at them is a different way"
    Robyn, Brisbane, Australia

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