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Would you like to be able to form better relationships or to deal in a more positive way with current relationships that are causing you emotional unrest?

Our whole life from the moment of birth is built around relationships involving love. Unfortunately our human self (ego) has many needs, wants, and desires from within these relationships especially its parents, care givers, siblings, partners, workmates which can produce personal problems. When the egos needs, wants and desires are not fulfilled then the ego self becomes disillusioned, from which point many emotional issues begin to take over the ego self’s life.

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It is at this point when you will most likely seek help. I am here to help you through those hurdles that pop up in your life when you least want them to.

How these emotional issues affect us varies not only by the nature of the issue but also by the depth of the emotion. This creates another form of control for the ego self either controlling or being controlled by the issues within that particular relationship which is basically a fear.


The ego self has a concept of what love should be and how it should be expressed. When these concepts are not being met to the ego’s satisfaction, then the ego self will feel that it is not being loved or is not lovable.
There are numerous variations on this aspect of relationships alone.

How then can you make changes that will personally help you to bring about a more positive view of relationships?

relationship help What is your fear? Do you know? The chances are that you perhaps have never thought of it in this way.

The first step is to have a more positive relationship with your ego self, then with your spiritual self, eventually bringing the two together in love and harmony - the "Perfect" relationship.

The options that we offer you to help make these positive changes in your life are;-

(1) Counselling with Sheila

Personal Life Guide

Let me help you make new choices through the options presented to you to help open windows of opportunity through which changes can be made to positively affect harmony and balance in your life.

(2) 10 Week Personal Growth Course

Enrolling in a 10 week specially designed Personal Growth module which offers tools to aid emotional growth and self understanding, enabling you to facilitate the change of old life patterns and habits which may be a destructive factor in your life.

The first step towards making changes in our life is firstly to acknowledge that our life is not going the way we feel it should, and that deep down we know that life can be so much different for us but not quite sure how to bring about or instigate the changes required to bring harmony and balance.

The 10 week personal growth module will help you begin to put into place those steps required to bring about the necessary changes. It will take YOU to action these steps and work with them. Like all things in life, unless we walk the talk our life does not change.

The module has been designed from Sheila and Todd’s own life experiences. They have been there and know that the life tools they are passing on to you do work. The module is broken down into 10 weeks to make it easy for you to follow. You will have some personal phone time with either Sheila or Todd to assist you as you work through the programme, you are not just given a book of instructions and left to your own devices. This approach makes this 10 week module special and personal to you.

For further information please visit our Personal Growth page.

(3) Clairvoyant Reading for Guidance and Direction

When you contact a Clairvoyant Medium for a personal reading regarding situations in your life, especially those around relationships it is important to understand that any reading is for GUIDANCE only. At all times in your life you are the one who ultimately takes the responsibility to make the choices and select the options to effect changes in your life. Sheila has personally have been able to help people make those choices which have benefited them by seeing Clairvoyantly the different options available to them.

For further information please go to our Clairvoyant Readings page.

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