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Stress Management

Stress has become a normal part of life for so many people. In today's society it is taken for granted and accepted that in most work environments one can expect to have some level of stress, whether you're the big boss or the worker. Demands are made of people far beyond the call of duty. Yes, stress has always been around to some degree, but I feel the pressure is far greater today than ever before. The fear that we will not perform to the high standard expected of us, which in some cases is beyond reason, pushes us to take on more and more of a workload that again is not reasonable. We fear to fail, which creates a problem for us, so we set our own personal goals to combat this, which in turn produces even more stress. We all need help and advice at these times.

Emotional stress has taken its wear and tear on many of us. We take on family issues as our own personal responsibility, when in most cases we need to stand back and say, "Is this mine?" We want to be loved so we bend over backwards to accommodate other people, when they really don't care about you and take you for granted. This builds resentment and causes stress. You live in a controlled emotional situation and scream inside to be free. The baby cries constantly, the next door neighbour plays loud music all day and night, the list is enormous. I am sure you can relate to some of these examples.

  • Do you wake up in the morning and dread the coming day?
  • Do you smoke more or have another drink to calm you down?
  • Are you constantly sick?
  • No Love?
  • Never have enough energy?
  • Rushing from one place or job to another?
  • Have trouble sleeping? Counting sheep no longer works.
  • Do you just want to be on your own and curl up in a ball and hide?
  • Do you want to shout, "STOP?"
  • Do others bully you?
  • Forced to do things you don't want to do?
  • Emotional blackmail?

Take stock of your life and ask yourself is this what you want?

We have to be realistic of course, but we can alleviate stress, first by taking personal responsibility for asking for help, advice or counseling on how to deal with the problems arising from stress. Here are some positive ways we can help you make changes to your life that can only be beneficial.

The practice of daily meditations will help your stress level, 10 to 20 minutes a day will make all the difference.

To help you with this we offer you:

  1. Inspirational Meditation CD
    meditation music cdThe Meditation CD with beautiful, ambient, background music by Jeff Clarkson, provides a place for you to personally enter the gateway to your own Soul, enabling you to feel the love of Spirit. The CD has six instructional and inspirational talk-through meditations to choose from.
    Price: NZ$19.95+p&p (Order both the CD and Video and save $5.95)
  2. Meditation in Movement Video.
    meditation videoThis Meditation Video which is based on Tai Chi movement, using nature as the medium for the expression of life. The video allows you to see the full meditation in movement sequence with beautiful, ambient, background music. This is followed by an instructional demonstration from which you can learn the technique. This is a simple, flowing movement that brings the mind, body and spirit in harmony. Practised regularly, this movement will relieve stress and bring healing and love to your personal life.
    Price: NZ$18.50+p&p (Order both the CD and Video and save $4.00)

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