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In order to protect our clients privacy which we maintain at all times, we cannot give their full name.

Successful Meditation - Jan

meditation music

"Touch Your Heart" gently and lovingly challenged the world I had created for myself.

Through meditation it awakened my inner knowing enabling me to expand my reality and express my true self without fear.

"It has given me wings to fly". - Jan

Life Guidance and Clairvoyance - Joyce

Life Guidance and Clairvoyance

I have known Sheila and Todd for 27 years. Over that period of time Sheila has been of tremendous help to me with Life Guidance and Clairvoyance.

Through her mediumship she has contacted various family members who are close to me who have given valuable information that was beneficial at the time. The information I was given was extremely accurate and even though not always understood at the time it later proved to be the case.

Sheila is very forthright and honest and although she is very helpful she does not embellish the information she is given. - Joyce

Find Confidence - Kiri

confidence and self esteem

I remember searching the yellow pages for someone who could offer me spiritual guidance.

I was dead scared I would end up with some airy-fairy fruit-loop type, but when I first laid eyes on Sheila and consequently Todd, I was totally taken with their natural, down to earth approach to spirituality and life.

Little did I know at this time that my life would take a dramatic turn – for the better.

Within a very short time I went from being reserved and insecure, to confident, self-assured and even extroverted at times!

I have been able to take on things I had never dreamed I was capable of.

So much of this I attribute to Sheila and Todd’s incredible wisdom and guidance.

They have set me up for life! - Kiri

Personal Growth Course - Gail

spiritual course

I have been associated with Sheila for almost three years, in which time I have attended her Inner Growth and Spiritual Course.

During this time Sheila has been my mentor and through her guidance I have been able to work through my fears and life issues.

Today I am a much stronger and more confident person living a more relaxed and peaceful life.

Sheila has trained me to be a teacher and I now run the Inner Growth and Spiritual Awareness Course in Australia.

I am the minister of a Spiritual Church and our congregation has benefited many times by Sheila’s visits where she shares her knowledge and understanding of Spirit.

Sheila has successfully presented three Retreats here in Queensland, Australia, with two more being offered this year.

I have had the privilege of being trained as a teacher and a facilitator for these Retreats.

As I have worked and grown over the past three years Sheila has become more than a teacher, she is my friend and regarded as one of our family members.

She is always available to help me through any difficulties I have encountered and with her wealth of knowledge and wisdom has been able to help me and many others.

The teachings that are offered by Sheila have been invaluable to myself and everyone that I know who has completed the course.

My experience with Sheila has helped me to find the way to work through the ego’s illusion of life and to recognise how to live through the awareness of spiritual oneness. - Gail


Personal Growth Course - Jenny

In 2001 destiny led me to meet Sheila.

At that time I considered myself to be lucky as I had a comfortable, happy life. I knew that I appeared very confident to others. I was president of a Spiritual Church and facilitating meditation groups but I was far from confident within myself.

After talking and sharing with Sheila, I realised that I needed to make some big changes in my life. I could be confident on the inside as well as the outside.

I was a person who loved to control all aspects of my life and the lives of others. By letting go of the control (the hardest thing to do) I was able to feel freedom within myself.

A few months later I began Sheila’s Self Awareness Group and really started to look at me, who I had become and why.

personal growth course

The course helped me in such a huge way that I was able to make changes to my life.

I then trained to teach the Self Awareness Course here in Brisbane, Australia. I am now the same person inside and out. Whereas previously life was full of drama, life for me now is peaceful and flowing. I live each moment in and through the Spirit.

Teaching others is rewarding, for only after a few short weeks you can see their aura’s become brighter, lines disappearing from their faces and happiness flowing.

At times the issues are hard to look at but the rewards of doing so are tremendous.

Sheila lives what she teaches and this is often rare. She is a wonderful friend and you feel the essence of Spirit emanating from her.

She never tells you what you need to do, she just leads you to the point where you discover it for yourself. - Jenny


Find Self Awareness - Murray

spirituality course

Todd and Sheila, my very special friends who have helped me through some very trying times over thirty years.

Not by doing it for me but by showing me ways to address the self-imposed difficulties I had accumulated over my life.

It is very comforting to know that there are these knowledgeable, caring and loving people willing to help us grow, to confront issues and to share their understanding of the workings of life. - Murray


Improve Confidence and Self Esteem - Hazel

confidence and self esteem

At a time in my life where I was probably at an all time low a clairvoyant reading I had recommended that I would benefit from doing a course with Sheila Wall.

I embarked on a Spiritual Journey that was to reach deep into my subconscious and awaken within me aspects of my self that I never even knew I possessed.

There was no religious dogma or rules that I found limiting nobody saying "I Should" or "I Ought" just lots of opportunity to explore my own inner being and find out who I really was.

I completed several courses and workshops with both Sheila and Todd and found that they both possess a great deal of insight and professionalism.

All the courses were extremely well presented and organized and the follow up and support always there.

At first my steps were slow but with Sheila and Todd’s loving guidance I have grown a lot.

I have more confidence and self esteem and I am more inclined to step outside the introverted person I used to be.

Awakening the Spirit within has been a long journey for me and I know that I could not have found a sense of my spiritual self without the teachings and support of Sheila and Todd.

Love and Light - Hazel


Life Changes - Lynette

Life Changes

Sheila and Todd’s teachings, guidance, love and compassion have come from journeying through the years and putting into practice what they have learnt along the way.

Through their own experience they share this knowledge completely and openly and over the years have helped hundreds of people from all ages and walks of life, to deal with many situations.

For myself, through participating in the many courses, workshops, retreats and time spent with Sheila and Todd changed my life enormously, helping me to see and understand life and my own journey with clarity, using the tools I have been given, to deal with negative situations that arise through this exciting life we live. - Lynette


Counselling and Improving Mental Sports Performance - Hayley

Mental Sports Performance

Being a competitive person and an elite athlete, I found that I was able to hide all my emotional baggage through my sport.

But time caught up with me through forced rest. My Ego, competitive self couldn’t run from it any longer. I’d spent most of my life running and finally became very tired and lost.

Through Todd and Sheila’s love and support, and sometimes intense counseling sessions, they managed to help me to open my mind to things that I never thought could exist.

Meeting Todd and Sheila has been the best thing that could have happened to me. - Hayley

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