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Meditation technique

What is the benefit of meditation? This is a question we are asked many times by people who seek help and advice regarding meditation.
First of all, it would depend on the reason that brings you to point where you wish to meditate. Stress is one reason people are drawn to meditation.
Secondly, meditation is also an avenue that leads you to the main highway of Spiritual understanding and self love.

We can help you with your personal quest through our CD or Spiritual courses, more...

Life Guides

Life Guides

A Life Guide is a companion who walks with you during those times in your life when you need an independent, detached viewpoint on the issues that currently affect you.

Find out more...

Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings

Clairvoyant Spiritual Readings by phone or email, find out more...

Personal Growth

There are many reasons why people wish to discover who they are. Counselling and advice may help but for many they have come to a part of their journey, where they feel there has to be more to life than this. "This", being whatever they are experiencing at that moment in time. Or they may be feeling trapped and wanting to scream at life's problems and frustrations. Of course we all have our own ways to cope. Some may spend time playing online casino games to unwind mentally, some may hit a gym every day to unwind physically but getting qualified help always is a good way to find better ways of dealing with life.
What ever the reason, rest assured, that behind all of it is the Spirit probing and pushing you towards self discovery.

The Personal Growth course can help you with this by assisting you with your personal journey, helping you to love and accept yourself and overcome personal problems, more...




The impact of any relationship in our lives is tremendous. Our whole life from the moment of birth is built around relationships.
Through these relationships we quite often require help to understand the implications when our personal egos needs, wants and desires are not fulfilled. The ego self then becomes disillusioned, from which point many emotional issues begin to take over the ego self's life.

At this point we may feel a lack of love and seek help and advice from counselling or by enrolling in a course that will help us deal in a positive way with the problems that have manifested in our lives, more...

Spiritual Retreats

Spiritual Retreats

A retreat is time out from everyday life, if we do not allow ourselves to step out of our comfort zones, then those barriers become more subtle and more difficult to break down.

Retreats give you an opportunity to contemplate, meditate and to be with like minded people who are also seeking answers, which may help open the door for yourself more...

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