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Personal Growth Course,Spiritual Tutor

Personal Growth Course

About the Course

self-awareness, self awarenessThere are many reasons why people participate in a Personal Growth course. For many they have come to a part of their journey, where they feel there has to be more to life than this.

"This", being whatever they are experiencing at that moment in time. Or they may be feeling trapped and wanting to scream at life's frustrations.

Whatever the reason, rest assured, that behind all of it is the Spirit probing and pushing you towards self discovery.

The Personal Growth course can help you with this by assisting you with your personal journey, helping you to love and accept yourself and overcome personal problems.

Why would the Spirit do this? You are Spirit. You are doing the probing and pushing yourself.

You the Spirit are currently living life through the mind of your human self which from this point on will be referred to as the Ego Self. The ego self's life is lived through fear.

The course will help you move through these fears which vary according to each individual.
Fear is created by the mind and emotions of the ego self when its needs, wants and desires are not being met.

Even in love there is fear. You may have met the most wonderful person in the whole wide world and fallen in love they also fall in love with you, but will it last?

This is an area where problems can arise in a relationship. The ego's journey seems to be mainly connected to relationships which often produce fear and stress, which we react to in many different ways.

You are told so often that you are no good that you begin to believe it. This creates low self esteem which affects your whole life, and fear compounds more fear.

The ego self through those fears reacts to situations in a negative way and thus creates further situations which just keep going on and on. When will it stop? How can you change this?

Workshops on Life Guidance, Workshops on Personal Growth

The purpose of this Personal Growth course is to help you bring about the changes in the Ego Self to the realisation that it is indeed Spirit with an abundance of love.

The Personal Growth course has been created by Sheila from her own Ego's journey to discover the truth of its heritage, which was, and always has been, Spirit.

The course material allows you to set your own pace as you are your own teacher. You will also have your own personal Spiritual Tutor who will help and advise you with personal problems. The tutors have been trained by Sheila.

Your personal tutor will contact you after completion of the Touch Your Heart contract and make arrangements with you for ongoing consultations and counseling over the 10 week period.

The course is based on meditations which have been specially designed to bring to the surface of your consciousness, hidden agendas that are keeping you trapped in an emotional state of being. You are also given each week a concept of life upon which to think and write about.

By following the teachings and advice, over the 10 week period you will have a personal volume of reference to keep, together with your own journal of awakening to the love of the Spirit.

This course will enable you to live stress-free by applying the instructional teachings to your life.

Life is beautiful and very simple when you know how to be free of the emotional entanglement you have created.

We respect your privacy. All consultations with your assigned Spiritual Teacher will remain totally confidential.

Fees and Enrolment

There are five different courses on Personal Growth, each course is conducted in ten week modules.

We place no pressure on you to complete all five courses. You may choose to complete one ten week module and then if you wish, this may be followed up with the second module at a later date, and so on, until all five are completed.

Ten Week Module: NZ$300   (Includes phone consultations, and a weekly payment option is available)

By completing the enrolment form for the Personal Growth Course you will have taken the first step on your journey of freedom. We look forward to working with you.

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Personal Growth Course

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