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Welcome to Obion's Podcast Messages

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Free your Mind

A dog at the track will chase the imitation rabbit on a wire because it has been trained to do so. Similarly, we often live our lives the way we do, because this is how we have been trained to live by society. To really experience life, you have to be like the dog chasing the real rabbit across the open field. Set yourself free from the restraint and the restriction of your mind, and experience the true essence of who you really are.

The Garden of Spirit

Obion uses a wonderful analogy of the garden of spirit to explain who we are, the gifts we have to bring to this world and the nature of Spirit.

Feed the Passion of Spirit

The fire of Spirit is ignited within each of us when we are born, smoldering away until such time in our lives that we allow it to burst fully into life. Hear from Obion how you can feed the passion of Spirit and live in the warmth of it's flame.

New Beginnings

Each day can be celebrated as a new beginning. Each day is an opportunity to leave the worries of yesterday behind us and to celebrate each day as a chance to start afresh. Each new day can be one of great beauty, great charm and great understanding.

The River of Life

The River of Life is the energy force that flows through all living things. It is the source of all that we require in this lifetime. Imagine a river with many many boats upon it all filled with gifts just for you, all you have to do is release the control of the ego and let Spirit free you to live with the River of Life.

Ego and Spirit

Discover the relationship between Ego and Spirit.


We often create “voids” in which to avoid issues in our daily lives. We can also create voids in which to connect to spirit.

Surrender the Ego

Release yourself from the control of your ego mind and live in the light of spirit.


Understand the cause of disharmony so that you may restore harmony to your mind and your life.


Celebrate life, as every day is full of wondrous moments worthy of celebration.


Smile and share the joy of Spirit.

Please Note: The mp3 files on this page are large i.e 3MB to 5MB, so depending on your system and your media player it may take several minutes before it starts playing.

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